House rules

1. With the transfer of the premises and territory of the recreation center, it is considered that a non-residential rental agreement has been concluded between Ojakalda party and recreation place and the client, the person who rented the recreation center (the client) is responsible for its fulfillment.

2. The customer must ensure that all persons invited by him to the event or allowed to the event meet the requirements of the house rules. The client is responsible for the behavior of all such persons and its consequences in front of the holiday center.

3. Smoking is allowed only in designated places, smoking is prohibited in the rooms.

4. Bonfires and grilling are allowed only in designated areas and with prior coordination with the owners.

5. If the event gets out of control, vandalism, disobedience or other such activity entitles the owner to terminate the event immediately (without making refunds).

6. In the event of damage to buildings, facilities, landscaping or other furnishings provided to the customer, the customer must compensate for the damage according to the invoice submitted by the owner.

7. It is forbidden to drive cars onto the grass and the territory, except for the transport of heavy items with the consent of the administrator, provided that the vehicle is parked in the parking lot immediately after unloading or loading the items.

9. It is prohibited to throw rubbish, including smokestacks, on the territory of the recreation center.

10. The customer is obliged to introduce these rules of procedure to all participants. Observance of house rules is mandatory for all guests on the territory of the recreation center.