Sauna and hot tub in South Estonia, Põlva County

If you are looking for accommodation with a sauna in Põlvamaa, you have come to the right place. In addition to many other relaxing activities, the Ojakalda recreation center also includes a wood-burning sauna house and a hot tub.
The sauna house is adjacent to a terrace with a beautiful view of the pond. From the hot sauna, you can head to the terrace to cool off, or jump directly into the pond. The terrace has a seating area with a table to spend a pleasant time with your company. You can also heat up the hot tub, which is conveniently accessible directly from the terrace of the sauna house.

Accommodation with sauna

We offer year-round accommodation with a sauna. In addition to the lodge, you can relax in the wood-burning sauna while staying in the holiday home. Both in summer and winter, you can have a good time with your friends in a warm hot tub.Come to party or relax, cozy accommodation in Põlvamaa is guaranteed.


Wood-burning sauna

Wood-burning saunas have been used for centuries. A wood-burning sauna feels more real compared to an electric sauna. The smell of burning wood appeals to our senses, and the best steam is obtained in a wood-burning sauna. The air in the steam room of the sauna circulates naturally and is not dry.

Before going to the sauna, we recommend taking a warm shower, around 36-38 degrees. In this way, the body is prepared for the hot temperature that awaits in the steam room. Enter the sauna and get used to the temperature first. You can take the whisk with you and put it in the steam room, but don’t get whisking yet. You can start whisking after you take a short break and enter the sauna again. After that, you could stay in the sauna for up to 15 minutes, sweat properly, and only then will the exercise be useful.

After the sauna, you can jump directly into the recreation center’s pond or cool off in the stream and, in snowy weather, rub yourself with snow.

Hot tub

A barrel sauna has several names in the popular language, a barrel sauna is also called a hot tub, for example. A barrel sauna is a round wooden barrel with a wood-fired stove inside to heat the water.

We offer the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with your group in the fresh air in a hot tub. A hot tub is great at any time of the year and in almost any weather. In colder weather, however, we recommend wearing hats to avoid catching a cold.

Warm water relaxes and reduces muscle tension. Staying in a warm hot tub keeps the mind alert and rested. You can use healing and health-improving essential oils and salts in the sauna, but they must definitely be intended for use in a barrel sauna.

Good sauna practices

When going to the sauna, the order of doing things is important:

  • Wet your body and hair before entering the sauna.
  • You can cover dry hair with a towel or a felt hat.

  • Go to the steam room and get used to the hot air for a few minutes.
  • Then throw the steam.

  • Enjoy and whisk if desired.

Healing properties of sauna

The sauna is positive and refreshing for both body and mind. A visit to the sauna allows you to tear yourself away from the fast pace of everyday life, forget your worries and spend a good time with your friends.

  • The physiological properties of the skin improve

  • cleans the body and pores

  • removes dirt and dead skin cells

  • creates positive emotions

  • you feel light after the sauna

  • gives a good sleep

  • rids the body of waste products

  • oxidation processes are activated

  • destroys infectious microorganisms

  • improves heart function

  • improves blood supply to organs

  • fat metabolism normalizes

  • activates the body’s blood reserve

  • helps dissolve cholesterol

  • improves immunity

  • strengthens the body

  • has a good effect on weight

Sauna with accommodation in southern Estonia, in the middle of beautiful nature

In addition to accommodation with a sauna, we offer the opportunity to rent a party house, organize a company party, CAMP etc. in the Ojakalda recreation center.

The Piigaste stream flows from the plot of the recreation center. A roaring waterfall is a sight to behold. In hot weather, you can go to the stream to get your feet wet, and you can sunbathe, play ball and much more on the beach area by the stream. There is also a pond in the recreation center area, which is adjacent to a beautiful beach area. You can also swim in the pond, play water games, and just enjoy your vacation and sunbathe. For those who want to swim longer, Janukjärv (also Jänukjärv, Janutjärv, Jaanekjärv) is 400 m away from the plot. You can also catch fish from the lake.

If you stay with us, be sure to check out the nearby natural beauty spots. There is a beautiful pine forest and Palojärv in the Kiidjärve-Kooraste recreation area. This place is good for the whole family, there are also hiking trails. The Viia-Jaani Labyrinth Farm is a place that is also suitable to visit with children. In the fields of the Viia-Jaani farm, there are different stone circles that have been inspired by different parts of the world. In the Labyrinth Farm, you can experience the effects of several labyrinths and stone spirals. Hiking enthusiasts should definitely check out the Voorepalu Põrgurada, which is suitable for everyone due to its length (0.5 km) and leaves time to admire the beautiful nature there in addition to hiking.