Organization of sports events in South Estonia, Põlva County

If you are looking for a place to organize sports events, competitions, training or other events, you are in the right place. Ojakalda recreation center is an ideal place for active holidays and organizing events.

Organizing sporting events can be quite time-consuming. Choosing a suitable place can be difficult, but we can help you here. In order to organize events, you can even rent the entire area of the recreation center at once. We offer accommodation in the main house and after the event you can recover by swimming in our pond or in a nearby lake.

When organizing sports events, the participants should first be prepared – whether they are amateurs or elites. How to motivate participants and spectators? In most cases, the basis of motivation is the organization of highly competitive sports events, prizes, transport, accommodation, catering, a beautiful competition venue, positive emotions and the general joy of working together.

Organization of sports events

Make a precise schedule for a sporting event. It is especially good if you draw a table of when and where something is happening. Before the start of the event, check whether all the equipment needed for the competition is in place. Play through the course of the event with the organizers and make sure that everyone has the necessary information and timetables.

Which sports competition to organize?

  • Organization of national or regional youth competitions.
  • Organizing competitions at the initiative of schools and clubs.
  • Organization of national, regional, international, club, series or commercial competitions.
  • Organization of veteran competitions.
  • Organization of company sports competitions.
  • Organization of public and health sports competitions.

The main thing is that the event has its own specific idea and purpose for which it is being organized.

Organizing a sports event is fun and it increases interest in sports. Organizing sports events helps promote sports and physical activities, creates new outlets for active athletes and hobbyists, and contributes to the creation of a more athletic and healthy population.

Beach volleyball court

Ojakalda recreation center has very good conditions for playing beach volleyball. After playing volleyball on the soft sand, you can go directly to the adjacent pond to cool off.

Accommodation in the main house

The newly completed main building of the recreation center can accommodate 10 people. We have 3 cozy rooms with a total of 10 beds.

Even the most lively parties can be held in the Ojakalda recreation center’s party house. We have enough space both inside and outside. The party house can be decorated according to your wishes and the nature of the party. In addition, it is possible to accommodate the celebrants right here on the spot – in the main house.

Holiday with family
Ojakalda recreation center is a great place to take time off and just relax. You can come to rest here with friends and the whole family.

In the Ojakalda recreation center, you can spend both a calm and an active family vacation. If you want to spend a peaceful family vacation, in the summer we offer the opportunity to sunbathe on the shore of the pond, enjoy the beautiful nature, etc. We accommodate the whole family in our cozy main house. However, if you want to spend an active family vacation, this option also exists. In the area of the recreation center, you can play various ball games, team games, go swimming, fish from the lake near the recreation center, and even go hiking in the beautiful nature of Southern Estonia.

The kitchen
It is important to us that the visitors of the recreation center should have as comfortable a stay as possible. Thanks to our well-equipped kitchen, all you have to do is bring your own food. All the necessary technology to prepare food and preserve it is already there. For dining, we have a large table with seating for six.

Vacation with family in southern Estonia, in the middle of beautiful nature

In addition to family vacations, we offer the opportunity to organize festivals and shows, camping etc. in the Ojakalda recreation center.

The Piigaste stream flows from the plot of the recreation center. A roaring waterfall is a sight to behold. In hot weather, you can go to the stream to get your feet wet, and you can sunbathe, play ball and much more on the beach area by the stream. There is also a pond in the recreation center area, which is adjacent to a beautiful beach area. You can also swim in the pond, play water games, and just enjoy your vacation and sunbathe. For those who want to swim longer, Janukjärv (also Jänukjärv, Janutjärv, Jaanekjärv) is 400 m away from the plot. You can also catch fish from the lake.

If you stay with us, be sure to check out the nearby natural beauty spots. There is a beautiful pine forest and Palojärv in the Kiidjärve-Kooraste recreation area. This place is good for the whole family, there are also hiking trails. The Viia-Jaani Labyrinth Farm is a place that is also suitable to visit with children. In the fields of the Viia-Jaani farm, there are different stone circles that have been inspired by different parts of the world. In the Labyrinth Farm, you can experience the effects of several labyrinths and stone spirals. Hiking enthusiasts should definitely check out the Voorepalu Põrgurada, which is suitable for everyone due to its length (0.5 km) and leaves time to admire the beautiful nature there in addition to hiking.